My Tech Talk Topic: Business Side of Social Media

Social media is a phrase that we are all too familiar with now a day, it has become a part of our everyday life often used to describe what we post on websites such as Facebook and Twitter. It leads the way for good social interaction and boundless communication, social media has become our main source of communication amongst each other depending deeply on social media for most of our interactions. In order for a website to be classified a social media website it usually includes the following features such as user accounts, profile pages, news feeds and most importantly friends and followers (By Daniel Nation Trend Experts).

When a website allows its visitors to create its own account and profile page it sets up the user for good social interaction. Profile pages represent the individual which usually includes information about the user like a bio, photos, and feeds of recent posts and activities. In other words, a profile gives others a direct insight into your life. News feeds allows you to connect with others through information that is updated in real time, thus keeping you updated on what others are up to and what are the most current events and trends around you. Possibly the most important feature in my opinion are friends and followers which allows people to connect with each other and create relationships. Social media has established itself as the most dominate form of social interaction and is no longer viewed as just another trend and businesses have taken in to account how beneficial it has become as a means to sell their product.

Social media signs
Kiev, Ukraine – August 26, 2013 – A collection of well-known social media brands printed on paper and placed on plastic signs. Include Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram and Tumblr logos.

Social media has not only created a place for social interaction for individuals but has also created a place for business as well. As more and more people sign up for social media giants like Facebook, businesses have made it a major part of there marketing strategy as they look to secure a place in the digital marketplace. Social media provides businesses with a chance to engage with customers directly and brings the product or service to the user unlike a traditional website which lacks the robust tools that social media brings to the table.

Now a day’s social medias presence has become strong and no matter what you sell using social media as a marketing tool will help your wallet and your brand. Some might still disagree and say that social media is not the most effective way to market but here are three main some reasons why they are:

  1. Social media posts can be used to drive targeted traffic
  2. Real relationship building
  3. Builds brand loyalty

To begin with every business wants to be exposed to national attention and you want to do it at no cost to you. Creating a page on a social media site assures that you will draw the attention that you so desire without having to pay for it. A well placed social media post for a group of people can make a difference in the number of visitors to a website, for example a link on Reddit drive over 20,000 visitors in one weekend or can take a page with consistently low numbers of visitors a day and increase it to hundreds (16 Reasons).

Using social media can help you interact and build relationships with your clients. Taking part in social media sites like Twitter and Facebook allows you to have interaction with your client base. It allows you to see what products they are into and why? As well as what they are looking at. Getting a closer look at into their daily lives simply by looking at their status updates. This then easily allows you to make adjustments or make judgments on how to improve your product to the needs of the customer.

The final factor that plays into the effectiveness of social media marketing is that it helps build a strong brand loyalty. For example, a report by Texas Tech University recently found that brands with active social media profiles have more loyal customers (16 Reasons). That comes as a no brainer since you’re constantly engaging with with potential customers and constantly reminding them that your there. It makes people forget that you’re a corporation and more of a group with a goal and a vision.

The following video illustrates exactly how essential social media is to businesses:

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